Moments in Palermo and Cefalù

A few days on my own in Sicily and I’ll be haunted for a lifetime. Palermo: Its gritty charm is exfoliating, rubbing away rough patches to expose a tender soul. Cefalù: Restoring like… Read More

An Unexpected Olive

Olives. Casually spilled into small dishes next to heaped citrus salads and smoky eggplant dips paint a familiar table scape. But they have never taken center-stage. A pile of pits may start to… Read More

A Sip of History

Landing back in Israel after 3 months in Italy was a bit surreal but I was ready for it. In the weeks leading up to the winter break I sent my mind spinning… Read More

At the Kitchen Counter

We were asked to share a food story yesterday. Listening to a dozen of my classmates recount heart wrenching, humorous and exotic tales I searched my own memories. In the end, it was… Read More

Dreaming in Italy

Hard not to think it’s all just a dream. But my eyes are wide open. And so is my heart. Spending 10 days in Italy last month changed the course of my life.… Read More

Naturally Nazareth

Ever since I set my camera to vivid I’ve been seeing my life in full color. Life is taking shape in ways I’ve only dreamed about. Just as the May flowers turned technicolor… Read More

Sabich Remixed

I’ve written previously about my obsession with the Saturday morning beloved sabich pita sandwich. Well why not take it out if the pita and make it into a salad? I made it right… Read More

Mediterranean Hues

Mediterranean colors speak to me. They beckon of breezes. Tempt at tastes. Whisper to wander. I’m no fool. I’ll take the challenge. I’ll gladly walk 30 minutes along Tel Aviv’s turquoise coastline for… Read More

Sand and Wine

  There’s a little stretch of heaven just an hour north of Tel Aviv. Just far enough out of the city to feel like you’re really getting away for the day. Remote enough… Read More